Sunday, September 13, 2015

This Week In Homeschooling: Week 1: All About Me

So this was our very first week of K4 and altogether I would say it went pretty easily. I decided that our goal is to get through 3 lessons a week, since with our therapy and activity schedule it's hard for us to do every subject every day.  We did manage to do that this week (4 lessons for math!) in addition to completing the theme of the week which for the first week was All About Me.


We started the All About Reading Pre-reading Program this week. The first part of the program just goes through letters one by one. Each day you start by singing the alphabet song and then finding the letter of the day on the big chart that came in our kit.
Then you read a (very short) poem about the letter, do some kind of cute craft with it, and then do a lesson. Finally you're supposed to read anything for 20 minutes but you can do that anytime of the day. I assume most people do this at bedtime. 

This week we did A, B, and C. 

I was really into the craft portion of it because they give you little ideas for each letter. Like for A they said to put googly eyes on the alligator, and for B and C they told you to add blueberries and chocolate chips. It's cute and Elanor is into it. Plus, it forces me to be sort of crafty, which is always good because I'm not at all crafty. 

I got over my fear of the nefarious provided puppet, Ziggy the Zebra, just enough to use him to play some of the required rhyming games. This was a good thing because Elanor loooves Ziggy. She was way more willing to try out rhyming with him than she ever is with me. Still, this part of the curriculum was really hard on both of us because Elanor really has no understanding of rhyme. Her developmental pediatrician once mused that "maybe the way she processes language doesn't include rhyme," which is totally a cool idea/interesting idea, but has also been the source of a lot of lost sleep/panic attacks. One day at a time though. Maybe she's just a late rhyme-bloomer. Anyway, handwriting. 


Handwriting is pretty chill now. We did the first three pages of the Handwriting Without Tears My First School Book and these pages were all still in the "point and scribble" phase of the book. So, no big deal. She pointed. She scribbled. The first few weeks will probably all be pretty easy. 


Right now the math is just about finding pictures that are the same and pictures that are different. This is something Elanor did a lot in the Calvert Preschool curriculum, so she is very confident at it. I think that's a good way to begin things. We actually managed to get through four lessons this week which is good because our math curriculum (Singapore Math Earlybirds) has 150 lessons, way more than either handwriting or reading. I expect it to get markedly harder in a couple of weeks. 

Theme: All About Me

I wanted a really simple theme for the first week, so I settled on All About Me/Back to School. 

For every weekly theme I am trying to have a book, a video, and a craft. 


Ten Things I Love About You by Daniel Kirk
I figured this book was good because it talked a lot about attributes, which is a sort of a part of the All About Me theme. I tried to steer clear of Back to School books because I don't actually want Elanor to start wanting to ride a bus or go to kindergarten or any of that stuff. Anyway, this little rabbit loves this pig and stuff, writes a list. It was fine. It was cute. 


Daniel Tiger Season 3 Episode 1 "You Are Special/Daniel is Special"
We watched this on Amazon Prime. I love this show and the little songs that go with it. We sing the song from Season 1 Episode 1 all the time, "if you have to go potty stop and do it right away!"Very helpful. 

Anyway this one followed the theme because it talked about attributes, and specifically why you can be special for different reasons. I especially enjoyed it because we got to watch something other than Octonauts for once. Yay. 


So I bought this week's craft-thing off of this awesome site called Teachers Pay Teachers. It is a whole Back to School workbook that includes a few different interesting things. Mostly I was into the fact that there was a place for a beginning of the year self-portrait and an end of the year self-portrait. You definitely don't need to buy the set for a preschooler. Just have them do a self-portrait. We also had Elanor fill out a list of questions intended to do with a partner, just because I thought it would be interesting to revisit them at the end of the year.

Next week's theme: Rosh Hashana!

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