Monday, September 28, 2015

This Week in Homeschooling: Week 3: Police Officers

So despite some hiccups related to health problems I'm having, this week actually went by relatively easily. Elanor loved the theme, and now she will talk your face off about p-ees ocifers every chance she gets. :)


This week we moved on to G, H, and I. 

G was my favorite because it was so complex. She cut out the "seaweed" at the bottom herself and had a great time with the sparkly gold paint. 

This is probably the most plain one we've done so far, but Elanor generally loves painting so she was still super into it. We also practiced drawing H's in spilled splenda. 

Oh wait, maybe this one was my favorite. As you can see, I had cut out that fabric to be a scarf for the I, but Elanor decided it was a dress instead. Also she accidentally spilled a bunch of glue on the bottom of the picture so we decided to add cotton balls like it was a snow bank. Yay, creativity!

We also did some more rhyming games this week, and this time they did not involve the cards. Early in the week I thought she might actually be getting it but it was clear to me by the third lesson than she was not. She is just not capable of coming up with her own novel rhyme. Luckily rhyming lessons seem to continue for some time, and if she doesn't get it we can keep trying those lessons long after they are no longer part of the daily curriculum. 


Apparently this page with a color and shape theme will never ever end. That's all we had this week and that's all we'll have next week. Since I have the ultimate power as a homeschooler I could just stop doing them, but I kind of appreciate the monotony this week. Like most autistic kids Elanor enjoys a routine, and I do too, so we'll keep doing it for a while. 


We finished United 1 this week, which was all about sorting and finding the differences between things. I'm kind of sad that it's over because Elanor was so incredibly successful at it and it took almost no time every day, but I know that we need to move on to more challenging things. Next week is more about actually counting up and down from 1 to 5 and back. 

Theme: Police Officers

This was a part of a greater job theme idea that I had. Basically I will have several different times this year where we learn about a type of job that people can have. This week specifically has an added safety benefit. I want Elanor to not only learn that she can be a police officer, but that police officers can help her when she is in trouble. 


We liked this book because it talked a lot about different ways that police can help their community. Best of all, it rhymed! We must have read this 6 or 7 times this week. 


This is a random movie made by a little kid with horrible production value but Elanor LOOOOVED it. We watched it about ten times then she went on to talk for hours about how police can save us from robbers and don't let us drive fast. So, mission accomplished. 


I broke down and used Pinterest. I hate Pinterest, but this is the kind of thing that it is actually for. I don't really know anything about Pinterest. Once I figure out how to link my page I will because I have some apraxia resources and some theme craft resources on there. 

Look at how good it is!!! She colored and glued it all by herself with only minimal help with the cutting! I was beyond impressed with it. 

So next week's theme was supposed to be mail carriers but for some reason I couldn't find a mail book at the library so I ordered one for next week. I did find a book about ants though so guess what, next week's theme is now ants! Flexibility!

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