Sunday, October 4, 2015

This Week in Homeschooling: Week 4: Ants

So this week's theme was supposed to be mail carriers, but as I said last week I couldn't get a book on them in time so instead we did something I could get a book on: ants. It ended up being a pretty good school week in the midst of a pretty terrible week in general.


We moved right along this week to J, K, and L. 

As you can see they had cute little craft ideas for all of them, like the hair on the llama, and drawing the ears on the jack rabbits. Elanor got a bit carried away with the glitter paint on the K there, but in the end who can blame her. Nothing beats glitter paint. 

In addition to learning about letters, we had a couple more lessons about rhyme. Elanor did so-so. She still can't make up a rhyming word on her own. However, we played a game where Ziggy the Puppet kept getting the words wrong in her favorite book (Let's Go Lobstering) and she was able to provide the correct rhyming word. However, I think that tells us more about how much she loves the book than how good she is or isn't at rhyming. The final lesson this week was not about rhyming but rather about sentence length, so I wonder if that's what we will be working on from now on. If so, I think I will have to keep sprinkling rhyming in because Elanor has most definitely not mastered it. 


This week was even more of those pictures where you learn about colors and shapes. I would think we'd both be getting tired of them by now, but something amazing happened! I started laying out the handwriting page the night before and Elanor started actually doing them completely on her own without me even asking. She did that for all three last week and even did one of the ones for next week early! Go Elanor!

(She made these into people. I loved it.)


We started unit 2 this week, which is about counting things up to 5. Elanor is doing great! She was even able to count down from 5 when asked. For some reason she seems to mess up on some of the worksheets that involve drawing lines from one thing to the other, but I think that's more about fine motor skills and visual acuity than her actual ability to do to the work. She seems to have this counting thing down. Thanks, years of iPad apps. 

 Along with textbooks and activity books A and B, I also bought the number cards right from the Singapore Math website, which were very helpful and I totally recommend them.

Theme: Ants

One of the great things about homeschooling is the flexibility. We changed this weeks theme to ants at the last minute and it went completely fine. 

Book: ?

I honestly don't remember what the book was and who it was by. I accidentally returned it to the library without recording this fact. However, I can tell you that what I liked about it the most was that it was short and sweet. Every sentence had one short declarative sentence on it like, "Most ants are black or brown." or "Ants have 6 legs." These facts were all very helpful to talk about again while we made paper ants for our craft. 


For the craft this week we made ants out of old egg cartons and pipe cleaners. This is not something I got from Pinterest, although I'm sure it's on there somewhere. Elanor actually did it before in her Sunday School class at the Northern Virginia Ethical Society. However, she was only 2 at the time and I think she got a lot more out of it this time. 

Elanor's ant is brown because, as she reminded me, most ants are brown or black.


This week we went with the tried and true Magic School Bus series. We watched the episode entitled, "The Magic School Bus Gets Ants in the Pants," in which Keisha learns a very valuable lesson in teamwork...or something. Mostly we all learn about ants and how they live in colonies. Elanor loves Magic School Bus (mostly the one about bees) and she loved to watch this episode a few times this week. 

Next week's theme: Mail Carriers! For real this time!

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