Sunday, October 18, 2015

This Week in Homeschooling: Week 5-6 Theme: Mail Carriers

So the circumstances in our house have changed, which has caused our plans for the year to change quite a bit. On September 29th I was diagnosed with cancer and over the next few months I will be getting chemotherapy every two weeks. If you're interested in following my cancer treatment journey you can do that here.

The great thing about homeschooling is the flexibility. So now I'm just not putting a lot of pressure on myself, or on Elanor, to finish a certain number of lessons a week. I'm probably also throwing out the theme idea, at least for a while.

All that being said, we did get a few things done in the last couple of weeks. So here they are!


We have moved on from rhyming and on to other things. This is kind of a blessing in that she totally wasn't getting the rhymes, but I also worry about just going on and not focusing on rhyming anymore since she never actually learned it. For now I'm just kind of talking about rhyming whenever I think of it, and she's watching a lot of YouTube videos about rhyming. 

Now, in addition to doing the capital letter of the day, there are games about counting words and syllables. Elanor loves counting, so she is really into it and she's getting pretty good at it. It's nice to do something she's good at. She's also still having a lot of fun decorating the letters. We did M, N, O, and P. 


The first week we were continuing to do the color/shape theme. It was getting old for me, but Elanor was really enjoying it. She actually got really good at coloring in the lines and at some point she started giving all the shapes faces, which was really cute. 

This week we actually started to do some handwriting. Two different pictures required her to trace horizontal and vertical lines, and she did a pretty good job. The second picture she did without any instruction from me whatsoever. Then she worked on drawing crosses. I thought she did amazingly considering this is something the OT says she is having trouble with. Next week we will start with the letter "L." First letter! It's very exciting! I think I will have her practice making it with the wooden letter blocks first, and we can try drawing it on the little chalkboard that came with out Handwriting Without Tears Kit. 


Things got a little difficult because we started actually writing numbers. I don't think this is something Elanor is ready for, but we went ahead and did it anyway. I think her fine motor isn't quite as far along as some of her other skills, so I'm thinking we will be practicing this for a long time before I actually require her to do it on her own. Still, we managed to do 1, 2, and 3. 

Theme: Mail Carriers


We read A Letter for Leo by Sergio Ruzzier. It was about an animal mail carrier who is very sad that he has never gotten a letter. He befriends a bird who he finds in a mailbox. Later, the bird goes south for the winter and sends Leo his very first letter. It was very cute and it talked about mail carriers. It seems to have made an impression because Elanor has been walking around pretending to wear a hat and saying she's a mailman. So that's something. 


"A Day in the Life of a Mail Carrier" 

I actually learned a lot from this video and I totally suggest you watch it if you are at all interested in what it's like to carry the mail. I don't think Elanor really cared about it much though. 


Elanor's and her grandmother got together and wrote some letters to her other grandparents and then went to the post office and mailed them. They also bought Batman stamps, which she was all over. It was a very cute idea and she was really excited about it. Plus, I think she learned a lot about the mail. 

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